PLANS to build a new activity centre on the banks of the canal in the heart of Clydebank has moved one step closer.

The activity centre was one of several proposals to re-energise Clydebank town centre with a goal of building a strong positive relationship with the canal and the cycle path.

Members of the West Dunbartonshire Council's infrastructure, regeneration and economic development committee today discussed the plans which will be run by youth charity Y Sort It and will focus on cycling activities for families and young people.

Activities that are being considered for the new project include kayaking/canoe hire and classes, bike hire and repair, club meetings and facilitiesfor the clubs, community classes and light healthy snacks for sale.

It is planned to be complete and operational by September 2022.

Clydebank Waterfront Councillor Danny Lennie said: “I was delighted to learn that the required funding was secured for the new activity centre at the canal in Clydebank.

"This will be a great facility for local residents and will encourage local residents, especially cyclists to make more use of the canal towpath and to get more active. The activity centre will be available to all and some local people may be content to walk down to the centre for a coffee and a chat.”

The project is expected to cost £1.19million and will be funded through a range of sources such as £747,000 from the Regeneration Capital Grant Funding (RCGF) and a financial contribution from the council's economic development budget. 

Clydebank Central Councillor John Mooney said: “This was in the original Clydebank Charette action plan so it’s really good to know that it will come to fruition. The service will be run by Y Sort It and they will generate sufficient income to cover the running costs.”