CLYDEBANK residents are being asked for their views on whether sexual entertainment venues should be licensed in the area.

Officials from West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) have launched a consultation on whether licences are required to regulate the industry – and are also asking people how many should be allowed and where they should be allowed to operate.

A consultation has been launched after changes to government legislation, first introduced in 1982, gave council licensing committees the power to decide whether sexual entertainment venues (SEVs) should be licensed.

The law defines an SEV as “any premises at which sexual entertainment is provided before a live audience for, or with a view to, the financial gain of the organiser”.

The consultation – which runs until October 22 – wants people’s views on whether SEVs should be licensed or should be allowed to operate, as they can at present, without regulation.

It also asks for opinions on the effect of any licensing regime on workers at, or owners of, SEVs, as well as on the surrounding community if SEVs were to be licensed.

The law also says that if councils decide to bring in a licensing scheme, they must regularly consider the appropriate number of SEVs for the area – though that number can be set at zero.

It also states that if a council opts to introduce a licensing regime, it must also develop a policy statement on SEVs to help the public understand the council’s position – and that that policy statement must address the issues of preventing public nuisance, crime and disorder; securing public safety; protecting children and young people from harm; and reducing violence against women.

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