A WOMAN who allegedly murdered her husband told jurors today she doesn't know how he received his fatal stab wound.

Lorna Middleton, 36, is accused of murdering William Middleton, known as Billy, 38, at their flat in Clydebank on June 26, 2020.

Middleton told jurors in evidence that the pair had earlier argued about a decision to move back to Dumbarton.

Middleton claimed Billy then stamped on her head and put her in a choke hold.

She told the trial that her next memory was lying beside his bleeding body which had a knife in his back.

Middleton denies the single charge of murdering Billy at the High Court in Glasgow.

She has lodged a special defence of self-defence.

Middleton told jurors neighbours and others had been at their flat the night before Billy's death.

She claimed to have argued with a Kieran Spence, who was a friend of one of her neighbours.

She stated that she struck Mr Spence before he retaliated by hitting her.

Middleton said Mr Spence left the property after she asked him to go.

Her QC Donald Findlay asked what happened after that.

She replied: “Shouting at Billy for not sticking up for me.”

Middleton claimed she gave Billy a “dunt” to the head and he gave no response.

Middleton claimed two brothers also in the flat fought with each other.

She said was struck by one of them in the crossfire, which made her fall to the ground.

She stated that everyone in the flat left before she and Billy got into an argument.

Middleton said: “Earlier that night, I told my sister I was moving back to Dumbarton - me and Billy wanted that.

"He then said he wasn't moving back to Dumbarton.

"I said f*** you, I'm going now then.

"I said I’m going f***ing now, and went to leave.

“He grabbed me back from the hall by the hair.”

She then claimed that Billy stamped on her head and lay on top of her before grabbing her throat.

Middleton stated the next thing she recalled was being in the kitchen when Billy allegedly put her in a choke hold.

Mr Findlay asked the next thing she remembered.

Middleton replied: “Lying on the living room floor...Billy was next to me.”

Mr Findlay asked: “Was he bleeding?”

She said: “Yes."

Mr Findlay followed up: "You have no memory of how that happened?"

Middleton replied: "No, nothing."

Middleton said she "pulled" a knife out of his back before screaming for help.

She said she was unable to dial 999 on her mobile phone as it was soaked in blood.

Mr Findlay questioned Middleton on if she meant to hurt Billy.

She replied: “No, I wouldn’t let anyone hurt Billy, no one.”

Mr Findlay finally asked if she would ever intend to hurt Billy.

She said: “I wouldn’t. I would do anything for him to be here, even if I wasn’t. 

“I can’t believe he isn’t here any more.”

Prosecutor Derick Nelson put it to Middleton that “one fact is it appears you stabbed your husband.”

Middleton replied: “I don’t know.”

It was suggested that there were only two of them in the flat, and that he didn’t have a stab wound at one stage, but received one at another stage.

She replied: “Yes.”

Mr Nelson said: “No one came in the house in the period?”

Middleton replied: “I don’t know.”

Mr Nelson followed up: "You heard evidence everyone said when they left Billy was uninjured."

Middleton responded: "They would say that."

Mr Nelson asked: "Are you suggesting one of them came back and stabbed him?"

Middleton stated: "I'm not suggesting that."

Mr Nelson said: "You lost your temper...you were angry with him and you ended up stabbing him."

Middleton replied: "No."

The trial, before judge Lord Clark, continues tomorrow.