A CLYDEBANK man allegedly murdered by his wife died from a stab wound to the chest, jurors have been told.

Lorna Middleton, 36, is accused of murdering William Middleton, known as Billy, 38, at their flat on June 26, 2020.

It's alleged that she struck him on the body with a knife or similar instrument, scratched his face and neck with a sharp instrument, and compressed his neck.

Forensic pathologist Dr Julie McAdam, 49, gave evidence at the High Court in Glasgow on Monday.

Dr McAdam stated that she examined Billy's body the day after he was found dead by police officers.

Dr McAdam told the court she was told that Billy was "clearly dead" on their arrival in the early hours of the morning.

The witness determined in her post-mortem report that Billy had died from "stab wound to chest."

Prosecutor Derick Nelson asked if the wound had gone through the lung and the heart.

She replied: "Through the lung to the main pumping chamber of the heart."

She claimed that the approximate depth of the stab wound was 14cm and that it failed to make contact with any ribs.

Mr Nelson asked if Billy's death would have occurred shortly after being stabbed.

She replied: "It is the main pumping chamber to the heart, it would have been rapid.

"He would have been unconscious in a few moments and dead afterwards."

The witness agreed with Mr Nelson's suggestion that the full blade from the knife would have entered Billy's body.

Dr McAdam also claimed that Billy also had a neck fracture and a small injury to the eye.

Mr Nelson asked if the injury was possibly down to pressure being place around his neck.

Dr McAdam replied: "Yes" and agreed this took place around the time of his death.

The doctor claimed Billy also had a fractured rib as well as various scratches and bruising to the face and neck area.

She stated there were "no defensive injuries" to Billy's body.

Donald Findlay QC, defending, stated the "minor" injuries to Billy's body would not have contributed to his death.

Dr McAdam replied: "Correct."

She also agreed with Mr Findlay's suggestion that it is not known what type of pressure was put on Billy's neck.

Mr Findlay put it to Dr McAdam that the circumstances regarding the stabbing would be "pure speculation".

Dr McAdam replied: "Correct."

Middleton denies a single charge of murdering Billy.

The trial, before judge Lord Clark, continues.