A THUG who felled a man with one punch just two weeks after being freed from prison is returning to jail for more than three years.

Steven McQuillan pleaded guilty just before a trial in July to assaulting the 62-year-old, punching him to the head and causing him to fall to the ground to his injury.

The 35-year-old then went into the man’s home in Ottawa Crescent, Dalmuir, took his wallet including £150 in cash, a Bank of Scotland bank card and other cards.

McQuillan walked away laughing at the victim after the attack, which was carried out at 4.15pm on February 16, 2021.

Police found the card of the man he robbed when they caught up to McQuillan.

Defence solicitor Kenny McGowan told Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week that his client’s contact with the prison system dated back to a High Court sentence imposed for a violent crime when McQuillan was still just 17 years old.

Mr McGowan told Sheriff William Gallacher on Friday: “He has sought to take responsibility for his actions and appears to have presented quite well for the [social work] report, and has been able to demonstrate an element of insight into his offences.

“The court has attempted to monitor or support Mr McQuillan on his release.

“That has not been successful, and I have to concede there are a number of aggravating factors.

“I asked him what happened when he was released less than a fortnight before [the incident].

“He tells me while serving previous sentences, he effectively detoxed himself from a methadone treatment.

“On release, the suggestion was he return to dependence on methadone. He was a bit scared on his release.

“He was released to a social circle which I concede, and he concedes, is far from ideal.”

Mr McGowan continued: “This was one punch which caused [the complainer] to fall to the ground.

“Thankfully the incident did not unfold with a severe injury or permanent disfigurement. Although nasty, it did not result in any major injury.

“He is entirely realistic you will impose a significant custodial sentence.”

McQuillan was on bail and on early release from prison at the time of the offence, meaning he will be returned to jail for a period of nine months, before starting an extra 33 months, making a total of 42 months.

He will be the subject of a supervised release order for another year after he’s let out of prison.

Sheriff Gallacher told McQuillan: “You didn’t use a weapon, but to get into someone’s house and attack them in their home is an utter disgrace.”