A CLYDEBANK woman has hit out at the council for failing to fix “non-stop” problems in her house.

Leah Smith, 18, moved into a property on the town’s Vanguard Street in February last year and says it has been plagued with problems ever since.

Now she has accused West Dunbartonshire Council of failing to act to fix the issues in her home which she says have left her feeling “stressed out”.

Leah told the Post: “When I moved into the house I took photos of the damage on my first visit, and it shows the crack on the worktop was there already.

“The worktop is coming off the wall and there are cracks right through the kitchen wall and it’s going into a plug socket, which I’m worried is dangerous.

“The crack has also gone through the house into my bedroom, and there’s also a crack in my splashback.

“I was left for a year with a faulty boiler and when I turned the heating on the house was still freezing.

“I think the boiler should’ve been checked and sorted before somebody moved in.

“I brought it up to my housing officer and he didn’t do anything about it.

“It took a year for me to get a new boiler fitted and I couldn’t actually stay in the house in the winter because it was so cold.

“I’ve had non-stop problems with the house since I moved in and it’s really stressing me out to the point my health is becoming affected.”

Leah claims her home is also infested with insects.

She said: “The house is infested with spiders behind my cistern and sink and there are spiders everywhere in my kitchen.”

Leah says she took to social media with her concerns and found that other tenants on the street had similar problems.

She added:“The housing officer says that if there are any problems to get in touch but it just goes straight to voicemail.

“There are times when I’ve been trying to get through to him for weeks on end and I’ve just got nowhere.

“It’s unacceptable and I will not live like this much longer.

“The housing department have failed to help many of their tenants and the way people are living is absolutely atrocious.

“I pay £400 a month for rent and that £400 should also go towards ensuring that problems are fixed.”

A council spokesperson told the Post: “We are sorry this tenant is unhappy.

“Officers have visited the property twice last week to progress required repairs. Work is currently being scheduled in discussion with the tenant, and we will endeavour to complete all repairs before the end of October.

“We will continue to liaise with her until this has been resolved.”