A MAN who jumped on to the rail line was rescued from the tracks but then became irate.

Ian Parkinson, 58, previously pleaded guilty to trespassing on the railway at Dalmuir rail station in dangerous proximity to the lines.

Police were on patrol at 12.04am on November 28, 2019 when they saw Parkinson lying on platform 1 shouting.

Two men appeared to be trying to calm him down and one called the police and said they had just pulled Parkinson, of Corsewell Street, Coatbridge, from the tracks.

Officers asked what happened and the men said they had seen the accused on the tracks but had not seen how he got on to them.

Parkinson appeared irate and was swearing and shouting and appeared intoxicated, heard Dumbarton Sheriff Court on July 27.

He was making "very little sense", said fiscal depute Abigail McKenna. She said more officers attended and CCTV showed he jumped on to the track, then remained there until he was pulled off by the two men.

Parkinson's defence solicitor said: "He was intoxicated and shattered his ankle when he jumped down."

Sheriff John Hamilton fined Parkinson £250.