A CLYDEBANK gas engineer was caught red handed by police collecting a £2.4m million drug haul.

Allan Ferguson, 24, faces a significant prison term after he was observed picking up 20kg of cocaine in Paisley on August 18, 2020.

A police raid at his parents' address recovered more cocaine, as well as a taser from a locked safe.

Self-employed Ferguson later claimed he took the decision to “earn money” from “career criminals” due to lack of income while in lockdown.

Ferguson pleaded guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to being concerned in the supply of cocaine.

The offence was aggravated because it involved a connection to organised crime.

Ferguson also admitted possession of a stun gun without authority. 

The court heard police received intelligence about a Ford Transit van in Paisley with a quantity of drugs on board.

Prosecutor Steven Borthwick said: “On the date in question he was put under police surveillance.”

Ferguson was seen collecting a phone before making a call from the van.

A Volkswagen Golf entered then entered the car park and parked near Ferguson.

Mr Borthwick said: “Both men exited their vehicles and Ferguson opened the shutter doors of the van.

“Ferguson received an orange plastic bag and a green bag.

“He put both bags in the van and the driver of the Golf drove off.”

Officers stopped Ferguson who was taken to a police station for a search.

A total of 18 blocks of white powder and three mobile phones were found in the car. 

Ferguson’s house in Clydebank was raided later that day.

A total of two blocks of white powder, a black taser, as well as £2,950 in mixed notes were recovered from a safe in his bedroom.

A test of four blocks recovered found the white powder to be cocaine with up to 54 per cent purity.

Mr Ferguson said: “The 20 kilos recovered in total, if sold in one gram deals, have the potential street value of between £2 million and £2.4 million.”

The taser was found to be in working order and produced “visible and audible sparks” when operated.

Tony Lenehan, defending, told the court: “During lockdown his ability to earn money came to an end and his outgoings didn’t.

“He is a recreational cocaine user and was in communication with people who ordinarily are career criminals. He took the decision to earn money.”

It was revealed Ferguson’s only previous conviction was an aggravated assault in 2018 for which he was fined £450.

Judge Lord Sandison deferred sentence until next month for background reports. 

He told Ferguson: “You pled guilty to two serious offences.

“This is very unfortunate to see someone with a limited record in court today for these type of offences.

“It has been explained you will face a substantial custodial sentence.”

Ferguson was remanded in custody meantime.