A COMMUNITY left “with nothing” after the closure of multiple facilities in the wake of coronavirus has shared its dismay at a new “thrown up” play park.

Drumchapel residents have praised the erection of a new play area as the community centre and Donald Dewar Leisure Centre doors remain closed.

The new site on Monymusk Place has already been popular with youngsters, but some of the work is yet to be completed, meaning it’s not fit for children to play on as of yet.

Clydebank Post:

The roundabout toy is sitting slightly off the ground posing a risk for little ones who may get a foot trapped while playing on the device, some equipment is not yet added and the felt grass is coming up in areas.

While the sand appears sporadically throughout the park. Glasgow City Council insists work is still underway, however, parents are worried it is a sign the park won’t be up to scratch.

Peter Divers, part of the Men Matter and G15 Youth groups, said: “It honestly looks like the guys have come up here and just flung it together. This is a brand-new park and the sand has just been chucked on and left. The felt is coming up already.”

Peter said while the venue might not be finished, it feels “flung together”.

He added: “Surely Drumchapel deserves better than this kind of quality.”

The council has added some new temporary fencing in a bid to keep children away until work is complete.

A spokesman said: “It’s fully understandable that parents and children were keen to use the new play area in their community, but unfortunately work on equipment and other features within the area has still to be concluded.

"We will be undertaking snagging works to address any issues that have cropped up during the initial build and ensure equipment is fully checked for safety.

Clydebank Post:

“We hope to have the play area formally opened for public use as soon as possible and we plan to add further play equipment in due course.”