A CLYDEBANK woman is set to become the 200th tenant to move into a West Dunbartonshire Council new-build home across the local authority.

Karen Hay, 49, is preparing to move into an accessible home in North Douglas Street on the site of the former St Andrew’s High School.

A total of 126 new homes were built on the site as part of an area wide development of new housing.

Karen’s 10-year-old daughter Zoe has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

Karen says the new ground floor flat, which has a range of features to make it fully accessible, will mean far more freedom for Zoe, and allow the Linnvale Primary pupil to have some independence.

She said: “Our current home is over two levels, so we have to navigate stairs when Zoe wants to go to bed, and our bathroom is downstairs.

“This new home will change things entirely, because it has so many features that will make life easier for both of us.

“The doorways are wider so her wheelchair can fit into every room, the bathroom has a wet room so she can shower herself instead of relying on me lifting her into the bath, the light switches are lower and plug sockets higher to make it easier for her, and the sink and hob can move up and down to the required height.

“It may seem like small things to anyone else, but it means such a lot to us.

“It will give her a freedom and independence she has never been able to have before.

“She is actually most excited to get in because she can start washing the dishes. We really can’t wait.”

Karen received keys to her new home last week and is planning to move in later this month.

The school closed in 2009 and amalgamated with St Columba’s High in Drumry to form the new St Peter the Apostle High School.