A PARKHALL teenager has been named as the UK’s strongest teenage strongman.

Aidan Robb decided to start going to his mum and dad’s gym when he was 15 to get in shape – but it was only when he became fascinated with the men completing strongman training that he found his calling.

His proud mum Noreen, owner of PF gym in Clydebank, told the Post: “He was quite unhappy with the way he looked, so he started in the gym not knowing what he wanted to do.

“He was doing a bit of everything to start with.

“He was watching the bigger men train one day and it was when one of them called over to him and asked ‘when are you going to train with the big boys?’ did he stay and train with them one evening.

“Everything he has learned he has taught himself. He looks up to professional strongmen such as Eddie Hall and loves to watch YouTube videos to find new techniques and skills as this was certainly something we didn’t know very much about.

Aidan, from Parkhall, won the title of UK’s Teenage Strongman last month

Aidan, from Parkhall, won the title of UK’s Teenage Strongman last month

“We were never expecting him to be where he is now, but his dad and I are so proud of him.”

Aidan now trains with the first pound-for-pound world’s strongest woman Rhianon Lovelace.

Last month she decided to host the first ever UK Teenage Strongman competition where 11 teenagers across the country took part.

Noreen added: “He went from strength to strength. The amount of confidence he has from doing this sport is great.

“He loves helping others out when training.

“At the minute there is nothing for his age group, so it was amazing to have a contest like this, where he can share his passion with other teenagers in the field.

“The dedication some of these teenagers have for the sport is so encouraging.”

Aidan is also known as ‘the Barbarian Barbie’

Aidan is also known as ‘the Barbarian Barbie’

At the competition, which was held in Preston, Aidan, who goes by the strongman name of the Barbarian Barbie, lifted a 320kg deadlift, six reps of a 110kg of a log press and completed a lung-bursting run.

He is the only teenager in Britain who has completed three reps of an 180kg Atlas Stone.

The former St Peter the Apostle High pupil is now encouraging other young adults in Clydebank to try out the sport.

He said: “The one piece of advice that I would tell anybody is make sure you find somebody who you can train with who understands the sport.

“You will be lifting a lot of weight so you really don’t want to be injuring yourself.

“Make sure you keep yourself safe at all times.

“If you are interested in doing it come and see me. I am always happy to help.”

Aidan plans to take part in the Scotland’s Strongest Man competition before his 20th birthday next year.

He also hopes to be the first teenager in the world to lift an 210kg Atlas Stone.