New measures have been put in place at the Kilpatrick Hills to ensure the beauty spot remains safe and enjoyable for all despite increased visitor numbers.

Action is being taken by West Dunbartonshire Council after lockdown saw a vast increase in visitors – with some weeks recording six times the amount of people attending compared to 2019.

The heightened interest led to increased waste and littering, inappropriate road-side parking, increased traffic, anti-social behaviour and disruption to local residents.

Council leader Jonathan McColl said: “

These actions are not intended to discourage people from visiting and enjoying the Kilpatrick Hills, but rather are preventative measures to ensure the area is properly protected and can be enjoyed for many more years.”

Two additional rangers will patrol the area seven days a week over the summer. A temporary car park at Gavinburn in Old Kilpatrick, which is the main access point to the hills, was put in place in mid-May to ensure there is more space for vehicles and discourage road-side parking.

Council workers will also carry out extra litter patrols.