CCTV cameras have been installed in multi-storey flats in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Fourteen security cameras were fitted across all seven blocks at Radnor Park by Clydebank Housing Association.

In April, the children’s play park at the facility was torched by firebugs.

It was opened in 2018 after a £150,000 investment to address a lack of play spaces for young people in the community.

The move comes after campaigning by residents and Craig Edward, the chairman of Radnor Park Tenants and Residents Association.

He said it marked a “big victory” for tenants.

Craig told the Post: “This is excellent news for our tenants and residents. I campaigned to have CCTV installed in all our lifts with our Clydebank Housing Association (CHA) landlord before the pandemic.

“We are very lucky in Radnor Park not to have much anti-social behaviour, but it does still happen.

“We have a lot of elderly tenants here and it is vital that they feel safe using the lifts.

“CCTV can act as a deterrent and help Police Scotland with enquiries when there’s suspected drug dealing, bogus callers, and anti-social behaviour.

“This is a big victory for tenants and my thanks must go to CHA staff for listening, understanding the issues raised, and working with the Tenants Association to make this happen.”

Joe Farrell, head of housing services at Clydebank Housing Association, said the new security cameras will help to combat criminal activity.

He added: “Following partnership working with the Radnor Park Multis Tenants and Residents Association (RPMTRA), we are delighted to be able to install CCTV cameras in the lifts at the Radnor Park flats.

“These cameras will complement the existing CCTV system which already covers the foyer and entrance areas.

“Having cameras in the lifts will afford all residents added security against anti-social behaviour as well as offering assistance to the police in helping tackle any criminal activity.

“We are proud of the excellent relationship we enjoy with the RPMTRA and all of our tenants’ groups.

“Listening to our tenants’ concerns is invaluable and this project is an excellent example.”