A PROUD step-dad is showing of his young step-daughter’s art after she showed him a real-life drawing of a family heirloom.

Hannah McGinley asked her step-dad Michael Gallagher if she could take a picture of the pocket watch he owned, so that she could draw it for him.

Michael told the Post: “Since she was a young child she has been into art. She is very creative with her hands and you would never know what to expect. She was always drawing stuff and playing with things when she was younger, so I knew she was going to be an artist in the making.

“The pocket watch was special to me because my mother bought it for me before she passed away. It will always hold a place in my heart. Hannah asked if she could take a picture so she could draw it for me. I agreed and let her get on with her drawing.

“In the meantime I forgot about it because it took her a few weeks to complete but when she finished it, I was so astounded and gobsmacked because it was so good. The picture was so lifelike. I was honestly left speechless by her talent which is why I decided to speak to the Post as I want to showcase her art to others.

“She has really got a great future ahead of herself if she keeps into the drawings. I am very keen to see her try new things with art because of how creative she can be.”

Clydebank Post: Hannah's art workHannah's art work

The 12-year-old uses a digital app to draw objects and her own creations. Each drawing she does on the app on her phone can take up to a week to complete depending on the size and detailing.

Her pieces so far include mushrooms, animals, sealife and focused human facial parts with an imaginative twist.

Hannah, who attends Clydebank High hopes to pursue a career in art industry when she is older.

Michael added: “My partner Kerry (Hannah’s mum) and myself are so proud of her. Anyone who knows her can tell she has a huge passion for art. It is her favourite thing to do whether it is drawing, painting or clay work. We will continue to support her in whatever way we can to make her dream a reality.

“I hope this story can encourage other young budding artists in Clydebank to show off their art pieces or begin art as a hobby. No one should be afraid to have fun with art.

“If you are looking to begin art then just do it and have fun. Don’t let anybody stop you because if you enjoy it then it shouldn’t matter what anybody else thinks.”

And Michael wanted to add a special message for his step-daughter.

He said: “Hannah is incredible in what she does. Her whole family are so proud of her. Her talent shines through and we all can’t wait to see her do some amazing artwork pieces throughout her high school years.”