THE head coach of Clydebank FC 2013s has spoken of his joy after a local business stepped in provide players with new kit.

After struggling to find sponsorship, the team were approached by George Bremner of Titan Tyres who lent a hand by supplying the players with a new strip.

Rob Kane told the Post the gesture has made the boys perform better as a team on the pitch.

He said: “This is the boys’ first year playing football with the newest members of Clydebank FC.

“Being the newest team, you are starting from the ground in terms of equipment and kit.

The boys in their new kit

The boys in their new kit

“We reached out to the local community but didn’t have much luck. Then George Bremner from Titan Tyres heard about our plight and he came forward and said he’d be delighted to sponsor the boys and get them new strips, particularly for the league games.

“The boys all look brilliant and like a proper team and once they got all the kit on, they said it made them feel more like an actual squad.

“They played better and they were bursting with pride, you could see it in their faces.

“For around 90 per cent of them, it is their first proper team. So for them to come into it and get brand new strips it brilliant.

“It makes it such a better experience for them.”

Rob said the boys have enjoyed getting back on the pitch following a tough year in 2020.

Titan Tyres stepped in to lend a hand to the team

Titan Tyres stepped in to lend a hand to the team

He added: “The past year has been hellish for the boys with no football. This small chink of light has made them all feel so much happier and really glad to be back kicking a ball again.

“A lot of them haven’t played any football and have barely seen their friends during the past year, so to get back to it is amazing.

“Training is going great at Goals in Clydebank. We’re hoping to have a permanent place to train soon.

“I’d like to thank the volunteer coaches who give up their time to help out alongside working full time jobs and sticking with us to help the boys progress.”