A BOWLING land owner has renewed her plea for answers from West Dunbartonshire Council over land earmarked for the local authority’s £34 million City Deal regeneration scheme.

Susan Dick has submitted questions to the “open forum” section of the council’s next full meeting asking how the local authority plans to resolve a long-running dispute over the issue.

Ms Dick, who runs a pony therapy business, wrote: “I would like to know what actual steps are being taken to come to an amicable solution to the situation in regards to removal of land from my ownership.

“I don’t want to know what you are saying you are doing, I want to know what you are actually doing.

“Up to now these have been very different activities and nothing has moved on in the last eight years - since our knowledge of these plans came to light.

“I’d like the answer to include what has been and what will be done to source suitable alternative land, visits to potential suitable sites and testing/preparation of suitable sites.

“I do not wish to be told of the offering of unsuitable land on a leased basis as that’s not an attempt to come to an amicable solution.”

Ms Dick also wants to know what the council intends to do to bring the issue of the graves and bodies of two dead ponies on the site to an amicable conclusion.

The authority’s planning committee approved an application for the development in January after ExxonMobil handed over the land to the council last year and agreed a £1 million payment to the authority.

In a separate question, Ms Dick’s partner, Graham Parton, describes how contractors accessed their land “seemingly under the impression that it belonged to the council”.

Mr Parton said: “They have actually dug up our road, destroyed trees and fencing and dumped rubble onto the field. We have confirmation that this was caused by WDC.

“Why are we not notified of these excursions onto our land and why is the damage not owned up to and compensated for?

“You all know our contact details and so I’d like to know why you don’t notify us beforehand nor pay for the resultant damage.”

The questions will go before a full council meeting this Wednesday, May 26.