Residents in north-west Glasgow have been urged "not to suffer in silence" over derogatory vandalism in a park.

On Wednesday evening, May 26, hate comments were smeared in red paint on the walls in Drumchapel park near to the bowling green.

The comments were targeted towards dog owners followed by doodles of smiley faces.

One resident said: "Digusting hate language for their fellow human beings."

Another resident added: "And tonight the parks look like it's been trashed. Litter everywhere with bins kicked over and one bin lools like it's been set on fire."

Last month, a Drumchapel mum kickstarted a drive to clean up the streets of Drumchapel after her family reported 40 incidents of flytipping over the Easter holidays.

Now, Drumchapel police officers are urging residents to "not suffer in silence" and report any vandalism in the area.

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Sergeant Jennie Macfarlane of Drumchapel Police Station said: "We are aware of the vandalism and no matter what form it takes the destruction of property should never be tolerated by individuals or neighbourhoods.

"Vandalism can have a significant impact on individuals and communities. These crimes have lasting effects both financially and emotionally. We take vandalism very seriously and urge residents not to suffer in silence.

"If you see vandalism or anti-social behaviour taking place, tell us straight away. We will take the appropriate action against those responsible.

"Anyone with any concerns or information in relation to this incident should contact Police Scotland on 101."

Drumchapel Community Council have been approached for comment.