CLYDEBANK reopened into a lighter set of restrictions yesterday as pubs, restaurants, shops and gyms opened up their doors after months of lockdown.

From April 26, West Dunbartonshire moved into Level 3 of restriction planning, allowing businesses across Clydebank to welcome back customers.

The Clyde Shopping Centre was busy with customers eager to get back out to their favourite local shops again, with the queue for Primark reportedly constant throughout the day.

As well as local shops manning the tills again, Clydebank’s pubs and cafes were also keen to welcome returning punters.

Under current restrictions, only food is allowed to be served indoors, with alcohol only allowed to be served outdoors. These restrictions are set to change from May 17, when alcohol will also be allowed indoors.

Clydebank returned to a semblance of normality

Clydebank returned to a semblance of normality

And it was a welcome sight for the bar manager at popular Clydebank pub Chandler’s.

He told the Post: “So far today it’s been good. We’ve seen a lot of our regulars back in. It’s great to see all the old faces. We expected it to be busier but it all depends on the weather.

“I’ve been out here getting sunburnt and setting the beer garden up over the last week and now today for opening up I’m freezing and drenched. The Scottish summer.

“Not a lot of pubs have as much space as we do. For the rest of the week we’ll be finding our feet, we’re fully booked at the weekend.

“It’s great to see everything opening back up again and having a bit of freedom, especially for the older generation as they can see their friends now and socialise a wee bit.”

Pubgoers were glad to return too, with one group who were dining at Chandler’s telling the Post: “It’s great to have a draught pint again. Here we are having drinks in a car park in Clydebank, what more do you need?”

A musician plays for the returning Clyde Shopping Centre crowds

A musician plays for the returning Clyde Shopping Centre crowds

Local pub The Lounge by the Clyde were also happy to be open again, as they took to Facebook and said: “The day is finally here guys. The bar is stocked and the kitchen is ready.

“It’s amazing opening our doors again, we can’t wait to see you all.”

Damon Scott, chief executive of Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “There has been a notable increase in traffic and a buzz of excitement in and around the Clydebank area where the Chamber is headquartered.

“People will be equally keen to meet and socialise more and, whilst capacity will be reduced and challenges remain, this will benefit those businesses that operate effectively within the government guidance around social distancing and alcohol. For many others, this won’t be viable before there is a return to licensing hours indoors, as well as allowing alcohol to be sold indoors.”