THE easing of Scotland’s lockdown rules on Friday may have tempted some people to pack a picnic and head further afield at the weekend - but there was plenty of fun to be had closer to home too.

The number of people visiting Dalmuir Park, and other public spaces in the area, has increased during the pandemic, with tighter restrictions on travel leading more Clydebank residents to rediscover the joy of a walk in their local park.

Our photographer Lesley Roberts paid a visit to Dalmuir Park on Saturday and found no shortage of people of all ages with smiles on their faces taking in the sunshine, playing on the swings, enjoying the opportunity to meet friends or family in a safe outdoor space, or just sitting back and enjoying the scenery, and the greenery, and the sights and sounds of others having fun.

Unfortunately a shortage of space means we can’t fit in all of Lesley’s pictures here - but keep an eye on our website at clydebankpost for the full picture gallery later this week.