A CLYDEBANK woman is pleading with West Dunbartonshire Council to fix a rat infestation in her Mountblow flat.

The woman told the Post she was left scared to enter her kitchen after discovering a dead rodent and chew marks on her appliances.

She said the council’s housing officer told residents at the Quebec, Montreal and Brunswick flats in Mountblow to put out rat bait boxes to tackle the problem.

But the woman said this has not worked.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, told the Post: “The other tenants and I have had a rat problem since the first lockdown.

“My dog was going mad and I was wondering why, and then I noticed my fridge-freezer had chew marks. I managed to get it sorted at the time.

“We were given rat bait boxes but they aren’t working as the rats don’t seem to be eating enough of the poison.

“Last week I actually had to remove a dead rat from my kitchen. I worry about what would happen if my dog picked it up and got ill.”

The woman said her mental health has suffered as a result of the issue.

“The flats aren’t being managed well at all,” she added.

“They are riddled with rats and they don’t get cleaned. You would think with so many complaints they would do something about it.

“I suffer from anxiety and I’m having to order takeaways most nights because I’m too scared to go in my kitchen in case I see a rat.”

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council said: “Environmental health officers are working with tenants at Quebec House to treat reports of vermin.

“This appears to have been caused by food and waste being discarded outside the block rather than in the bins provided.

“Housing officers will issue a leaflet to all residents reminding them of the importance of disposing of waste properly and are also arranging for an intensive clean up of the discarded rubbish.”