A CLYDEBANK NHS worker is helping to raise awareness of women’s safety by creating an online video.

Christie Anderson joined forces with UK-wide influencers on social media to create a viral video hoping to raise awareness of women’s safety and help save a life.

She told the Post she was determined to create a video after reading about the death of Sarah Everard.

Sarah went missing after leaving a friend’s home in Clapham, London, to walk home alone at around 9pm on Wednesday, March 3.

A serving police officer, Wayne Couzens, 48, was detained in connection with Sarah’s disappearance before being arrested on suspicion of murder.

The 24-year-old said: “This is so important to me. This is something I have always said to my friends for years, regardless if they live two minutes or two hours away.

“In the light of the subject in the media, I thought it was a good opportunity to emphasis how important the message is.

“You don’t understand how a simple message of ‘I’m home’, single letter or an emoji to let a loved one know you’re home could make a massive difference.”

The video features 10 different women who all relay one important message - “text me when you get home”.

So far, it has nearly racked up 8,000 views, but Christie is hoping that the video can be used as a tool to keep women who are walking home alone in Clydebank and the surrounding area safe at night.

Christie added: “Even if one person shares the video, then it means it can be reached to more people.

“If it helps to save one person, then I know I have done what I set out to do.

“We can’t have what happened to Sarah happen again.

“Women’s safety has always been an issue close to my heart and I believe now more than ever women need to stick together.

“Registering your number can take seconds to do and save a life.”

You can text “REGISTER” to 999 if you are in a dangerous situation and you can’t speak.