A VOLUNTEER group in Clydebank is hoping to secure permission for the demolition of eight disused garages as the latest step in a programme of community improvements.

Linnvale Community Group was set up by Colin Hay at the end of last year in a bid to breathe new life into the area and give local residents a chance to work together on community improvements.

The group set its sights on having a row of eight individual garages on Kirkwood Avenue in Linnvale, next to Drumry railway station, demolished to make way for something else.

An application for a demolition warrant is set to be submitted to West Dunbartonshire Council this week, and the group hopes to secure approval by the end of May.

Mr Hay said the members of the group were delighted at the latest development.

He also thanked councillors Diane Docherty and Douglas McAllister for helping the group in its bid to have the garages pulled down.

He said: “The garages are not just an eyesore, they’re dangerous too.

“They were were originally built for residents to hire from the council. Over time, they became dilapidated and hardly anyone used them.

“There’s nothing to stop them being knocked down - they’re owned by West Dunbartonshire Council and they’ve been lying unused for years.

“They are attracting fly-tippers and people are just dumping rubbish in them.

“There’s also been occasions where they have been set on fire. They are made of concrete so they don’t necessarily burn, but the stuff inside them burns.

“They are situated right next to a house which isn’t good.

“We’re just delighted that in such a small period of time we’ve managed to get this done, and from speaking to the residents who live next door to the garages, I know they are too.”

While there are no firm plans on what the land will be used for, Linnvale Community Group has several ideas.

Colin added: “Nothing is set in stone yet but we’re hoping the space might end up being a car park for the train station. We were also thinking, if it’s allowed, that we could recycle some of the garages.”

To find out more about Linnvale Community Group, or to get involved, visit linnvale.co.uk.