THE daughter of a Knightswood couple who recently celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary says the pair are like “Yin and Yang”.

David Skewis, 83, met wife Bridget, 88, while they were both working at the old Knightswood bus garage in the 1960s.

Despite it not being love at first sight, the pair celebrated 60 years of marriage on Monday, March 29 at their home with family.

Daughter Linda Renfrew told the Post: “My dad was a bus driver and my mum was a conductress at Knightswood bus garage.

“She didn’t like him when she met him at first – she thought he was too dour and she told her friend she didn’t want to be stuck with him.

“We’ve got an unusual family name and she didn’t think they would get on. Little did she know they would still be together 60 years later!

“They stayed in Partick then later moved to Drumchapel, before settling in Knightswood where they have been for the past 21 years.”

Linda says the secret to her parents’ long marriage is their family and always supporting one another.

She said: “They have four kids, ten grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

“They’re like Yin and Yang. My dad has always worked and my mum has always worked.

“My mum isn’t able to do a lot around the house, but my dad is brilliant and does all the cooking, washing and cleaning.”

Linda applied to receive a message from the Queen to commemorate her mum and dad’s wedding anniversary.

She added: “My dad didn’t actually realise the diamond anniversary was such a big deal, so when the card was delivered they were both very surprised.”