PARENTS, pupils and teachers at a Yoker school campus have teamed up with a successful band to create a heartwarming music video.

Clyde Primary School parent council collected hundreds of images of those associated with the school and put them together in a special film to highlight a sense of “togetherness” during lockdown.

The movie uses a song by Leeds-based indie folk band The Dunwells entitled “Army of Friends”.

The idea was the brainchild of parent council vice-chair Gary Earl, who wanted to pay tribute to parents, pupils and teachers for supporting one another through this difficult period.

He told the Post: “The Dunwells were supporting Scouting for Girls on tour and I was raving about them.

“Shortly after the tour, we went into lockdown and The Dunwells created a small community group on Facebook called Army of Friends, named after one of their songs.

“It fitted with our situation when everybody really came together and started to work through home schooling.

“I got the help from a friend of mine who is a media designer and we got the idea down on paper for a video featuring people associated with the school.

“We decided we needed around 60 or 70 pictures to make it work, and we had more than 270 pictures submitted.

“We made sure that every person who submitted a picture was included.

“We had parent council members, teachers, staff, the management team and pupils involved.”

So far the video, which was published on YouTube and the school’s Twitter account, has racked up almost 1,000 views at the time of print.

Gary said the film made viewers “really emotional”.

He added: “The video fell during the February break so there was a lot of snow that week.

“Everybody was out taking part in family group shots which was brilliant.

“Everything just fell into place so well, and The Dunwells did everything to try and support us and get the message across.

“They’ve also offered to put on virtual writing masterclasses for the kids in the near future.

“The man who comes in at the end of the video is our new head teacher, so it’s great to have him involved too.

“I think the last time we checked there was around 1,000 views.

“The people who watched it said it was really emotional for them.

“There has been a great sense of togetherness and engagement.”

To watch the video, go to Clyde Primary School’s YouTube channel.