A pet store in Clydebank is temporarily banning the sale of rabbits over Easter to avoid impulse purchases that might lead to them being abandoned later.

Jollyes is taking action to protect pets over Easter by putting a temporary bunny ban in place in all their stores in Scotland.

Rabbits will not be on sale in the store on Livingstone Street from tomorrow (Thursday, April 1)  to Monday, April 5 to remove the temptation of impulse purchases and prevent the risk of unwanted bunnies being abandoned after Easter.

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Chris Burns, Jollyes commercial director, said: “Rabbits are one of our most popular pets, but a bunny is not just for Easter and we don’t want to see these lovely animals abandoned once the holiday is over.

“Rabbits are very intelligent and a lot of fun, but they can live for over ten years so it is a big commitment and we encourage people to do their research and make sure they know what’s involved.”

According a 2021 report from Pet Food Manufacturers Association there are arounf one mone million rabbits in the UK. 

Last year, the SSPCA advised pet lovers in Clydebank against buying rabbits as Easter gifts.

Mike Flynn, SPCA chief superintendent confirmed that in 2019 they rescued over 116 rabbits in Scotland, with a staggering total of 493 rabbits the year before.