A MAN crashed a dirt bike into a car and van in Yoker while riding at speed and with no rear lights, a court has been told.

Paul Dunsmuir, 21 and his 14-year-old pillion passenger smashed into the vehicles in the Yoker area on New Year's Day 2020.

Neither Dunsmuir nor his passenger were wearing safety helmets when the crash happened.

The teenager, who can't be identified for legal reasons, ended up being thrown from the bike and under the van.

Dunsmuir, who was disqualified at the time, admitted driving at speed and without tail lights.

He was originally charged with causing serious injury to the boy, but at a hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Friday, he admitted a reduced charge of dangerous driving.

He also admitted driving a vehicle without a licence and without insurance.

The court heard Dunsmuir and his passenger were riding down the road while it was dark, although there was street lighting.

Prosecutor Tanjeel Maleque said: “Dunsmuir was traveling at speed when the driver of the car turned into the road.

“She heard a loud bang and became aware of Dunsmuir, who was irate towards her.

“He stated that she crashed into him, causing him to lose control of his bike and in turn crash the bike into a van.

“The driver noted that they didn’t have a crash helmet on and the passenger had fallen.

“The bike was wedged under the van.”

A 999 call was made and it was discovered Dunsmuir had no insurance - and that his licence had been revoked due to a topping up procedure.

Dunsmuir’s lawyer said: “This off-road dirt bike shouldn’t have been used, and he apologises profusely for that.

“It hammers home to him the recent incident in Wishaw when two boys lost their lives.”

Dunsmuir's solicitor was referring to two teenagers one 18 and 19, who died in February after the off-road bike they were on crashed into a van.

Sentence was deferred until next month for background reports by Sheriff Sean Murphy QC.

Sheriff Murphy said: “This was a very serious matter in various ways.

“You were driving the vehicle on the road without insurance or a licence without a helmet.

“Your passenger is technically your responsibility as you are the person riding.”

Dunsmuir, of Jordanhill, was banned from driving in the interim.