A WHITECROOK woman says she is “overwhelmed” by the generosity of Bankies who helped to collect jigsaws to help an elderly neighbour.

Jennifer Rough’s neighbour, Jean, recently suffered a fall and the 34-year-old wanted to step in and help in any way she could.

Knowing how much Jean enjoyed doing puzzles, kind-hearted Jennifer posted an appeal on Facebook for 1,000 piece jigsaws which were no longer wanted.

She said she was blown away by the response and has now paid tribute to the “brilliant” people of Clydebank who helped her out.

Jennifer told the Post: “Jean is incredibly independent. She doesn’t like getting help from anybody.

“Pre-Covid she had a really good social life and was out constantly. Then obviously she had to shield because of her age.

“I knew she had done jigsaw puzzles before and she mentioned in a passing comment that she would usually get them at charity shops.

“Obviously they have been closed for a while because of the restrictions, so I was thinking about what I could do to help her.

“My sister works in a charity shop and she managed to get three puzzles, but I felt I needed to try and see if I could get more.

“I floated the idea to my partner of putting it up on the ‘Call Yersel a Bankie’ Facebook page and the response I got was just unbelievable - to the point I could hardly keep up with it.

“I had people asking whether she wanted somebody to go down to her window and speak to her so that she had the chance to socialise.

“Within the space of about two days I had collected 15 jigsaws.”

Jennifer said Jean was “shocked” to receive the gift of puzzles.

She added: “The reaction has been lovely. You forget that when you ask for help, everyone is in the same boat.

“The smallest gesture, especially during this difficult time, means everything to people.

“I don’t have any grandparents left unfortunately so Jean is the closest thing I’ve got to one.

“She couldn’t believe it when I dropped off the jigsaws, she was really shocked.

“People have been absolutely brilliant, they couldn’t have been any nicer.”

Jennifer thanked the people of Clydebank for helping their fellow Bankies in their time of need.

She said: “One thing I’ve noticed since moving to Clydebank is that people are quite proud of the area and proud of the people who live here. Bankies really like to help one another.

“The family Jean does have are lovely and they look after her, I just wanted to do my bit.”