Scotland's Liberal Democrats have chosen "Mr Mister" as their lead candidate for the Scottish Parliament elections in May - using a picture of a former NFL star and bestselling author who has spoken out against racial injustice.

The holding name, picture and Latin filler text lead the top of the website linking to individual constituency candidates.

But the photo they have used is of Emmanuel Acho, a former NFL star turned sports commentator who now hosts the after-show for The Bachelor.

He is also author of the New York Times bestseller "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man".

In almost all constituency pages, there is no candidate name or photo, just "do you like this page?"

Emmanuel Acho recently wrote for Emmys organiser, the Television Academy: "I am encouraged by the discussions taking place about race, systemic racism, and social injustice.

"Now, I may be biased because I am leading some of the discussions, but it's encouraging as I believe they are meaningful. I think conversations need to be geared towards education and enlightenment.

"You cannot fix a problem that you don't know exists, and you cannot fix a problem that you do not fully understand."

Clydebank Post:

Mr Mister, who were an American rock band in the 1980s from Arizona with songs such as "Broken Wings", is also a candidate for Coatbridge and Chryston. Again, there is Latin filler text, but no photo of Mr Acho. Instead, there are the dimensions for the image: 200x500.

Katy Gordon is standing as the candidate for Clydebank and Milngavie and the lead LibDem for the West Scotland region.

The LibDems got 178,238 votes across Scotland in the 2016 election.

Mr Acho's representative has been approached for comment.

The LibDems said the section of the website was still being set up. A spokesman said: "They had just grabbed a random picture to test dimensions. That whole section shouldn't be visible to the public atm so we will tweak our settings while we finish it up."

The photo was later removed from the website.