MORE than 20 people were fined for breaking lockdown rules at three separate parties in one night.

Police were called to the three gatherings over the space of about three hours across Clydebank and handed out fixed penalty notices.

Community leaders hit out at the “completely unacceptable” actions of residents putting the wider population at risk of Covid-19, which has killed more than 200 people across West Dunbartonshire in a year and thousands more across the country.

Officers were first called at 1.55am on Saturday, February 13, to Littleholm Place, Mountblow, and issues eight fixed penalty notices.

Less than an hour later, at 2.40am, they attended reports of a noisy party at a property in Dumbarton Road, Clydebank. Police could not confirm the exact number of fines.

A 28-year-old man was also arrested at the location for allegedly shouting and swearing at officers and possession of a controlled drug. He will be reported to the procurator fiscal.

At 5am, another report of a party was received, this time at Oronsay Crescent, Old Kilpatrick, and police issued another 11 fixed penalty notices.

Fines start at £60 but are reduced to £30 if paid within 28 days. Repeat offenders can be subject to prosecution and much stiffer fines for breaking the pandemic rules.

Clydebank Waterfront councillor Danny Lennie, pictured, told the Post: “It is extremely disappointing that the police are still breaking up house parties despite very clear warnings and the obvious dangers attached to them.

“There is huge frustration attached to the restrictions - they are frustrating for us all, but to recklessly ignore the real dangers of this virus puts everyone at greater risk and will simply prolong restrictions.

“Those who work in the health industry, those who have real underlying health issues, as well as those who have lost loved ones, will be justified in their anger at this news, it is simply not acceptable, sadly no surprise, but completely unacceptable.”

Gil Paterson, Clydebank’s MSP, said: “I am very disappointed that people are blatantly ignoring the rules and disregarding the impact that this will have for people trying to keep themselves and their families safe.

“It is so inconsiderate that they are putting the emergency services at risk and keeping them away from doing their valuable work.”