CONCERNS have been raised at the consultation with members of the public over plans for a brand new shared school campus in Faifley – with one of the area’s councillors branding it a “farce”.

Plans to replace Edinbarnet Primary, St Joseph’s Primary and Auchnacraig Early Learning and Childcare Centre were announced in December.

But according to ward councillor Douglas McAllister, only 25 people attended a series of Zoom engagement sessions held earlier this month.

The new facility, which will be built on one of three sites - Edinbarnet, St Joseph’s, or Skypoint in Lennox Drive - is part of an £800 million investment in the construction or refurbishment of 25 schools and campuses across Scotland.

Earlier this month, West Dunbartonshire Council’s planning committee held four engagement sessions for the community.

Councillor McAllister told the Post: “West Dunbartonshire Council rushed to make this announcement just prior to Christmas to declare we had been successful and we had been awarded a share.

“The difficulty is that we have absolutely no idea how much money we had been awarded.

“I have asked this question to the council and no one can tell me.

“We have three potential sites but no announcements will be made until June.

“The consultation, in my mind, has been a bit of a farce because we have had four Zoom sessions and as I understand it we have only had 25 participants.

“My concern is that Faifley haven’t been consulted, and Faifley hasn’t spoken to what it will be like for the community.

“It throws up more questions than answers. This is a once in a generation opportunity to get this right. The people of Faifley deserve much better.”

Responding to Cllr McAllister’s concerns, a council spokesperson said: “The Scottish Government confirmed on December 18 that West Dunbartonshire Council will receive a share of £800 million to build a new Faifley Campus, enhancing the learning experience of over 500 children by moving them into modern purpose built facilities.

“Elected members have been advised of the plans and will be further updated once our share of the funding is confirmed.”

One Faifley resident who did attend one of the engagement sessions expressed her concern about the impact on traffic on Lennox Drive if the Skypoint site is chosen for the new campus.

They told officers: “Lennox Drive is a very, very tight street and it’s got parked cars on the pavement, on the street and on the middle of the road.

“It would be very tight for access and the safety of people trying to use that street worries me.

“I think that is going to be a big issue.”

It’s hoped that the new campus will be ready to open its doors to pupils to pupils by summer 2025.