A DAD from north-west Glasgow has set up an inclusive online support group for parents in lockdown.

Scott McLeod, from Knightswood, set up Facebook group ‘Surviving Parenthood’ with the help of his mum three years ago.

And the forum, which is now called ‘Lockdown with the Kids’, has grown to include more than 10,000 parents seeking advice and ideas to help keep their youngsters entertained during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The group welcomes both mums and dads seeking advice.

Scott, who has a six-year-old son called Archie, said: “I’m a full-time dad and I found that a lot of the Facebook groups for parents didn’t allow dads to join.

“I thought it would be good to create a group for parents in the area since a lot of parent groups are shut at the moment, and they can’t meet anybody.

“I’ve been sharing the page on social media and it’s just taken off from there. I’ve been able to put more time into the group because of lockdown.”

Clydebank Post:

Members of the group can seek advice from fellow parents, cultivate friendships, or post ideas for fun ways to keep kids entertained.

It comes as parents across the country continue to tackle the challenges posed by lockdown home-schooling.

Under Scottish Government plans, the country’s youngest pupils are likely to return full-time from February 22.

Scott added: “The hardest part for Archie has probably been the home-schooling.

“It’s all very strange, and my son his dying to see his friends which is unfortunately not possible at the moment.

“He’s so used to going to school, so it’s been really difficult for him, and he’s missed out on a lot.”

Post-Covid, Scott hopes to arrange a meet-up for members of the group.

He added: “Ideally if we weren’t in lockdown, I would be planning meet-ups for the parents.

“I posted asking if the group members would like to meet up after lockdown and it had more than 200 comments from people all over Glasgow.

“I’m also trying to get more local people to join the group.”

To join the Facebook group search ‘Lockdown with the Kids’.