A Clydebank man has lost out on a whopping £156m Euromillions jackpot by a single number - but at least he was able to laugh about it afterwards.

Aidan Murray had to make do with a prize of £666 - and 50p.

Aidan's Tweet went viral after he posted a picture of his lottery ticket on Twitter. 

It showed he almost had the exact matching numbers for Tuesday's £157,644,778 Euromillions jackpot, but had missed out on the grand prize by one figure.

He matched numbers 5, 9, 29 and 30, and Lucky Stars 6 and 7.

But his sixth number was 15 - and the number drawn was 25.

He posted his results to Twitter, stating: "One number away from 156 million hahahaha and only won 666 quid."