HUNDREDS of Clydebank jobs look set to be saved as a new base is agreed for vital NHS work in the town.

A total of 470 NHS 24 call centre workers are set to leave their Golden Jubilee base this year to allow expansion of the Dalmuir hospital’s services.

But healthcare bosses were considering sending the NHS 24 jobs to Hillington Industrial Estate in Renfrewshire.

Now the town’s MP says he’s been given assurances that staff will be based at Aurora House in Clydebank instead.

Martin Docherty-Hughes MP has been pushing for months to protect the jobs since it emerged NHS 24 could be quitting the town, originally planned to start from November 2020.

He said the initial scheme was “completely unacceptable” and hit staff who would struggle to access public transport to meet shift patterns to support the phone lines.

NHS 24 confirmed they were working on a deal to keep the jobs in Clydebank.

Mr Docherty-Hughes told the Post: “NHS 24 workers based at the Golden Jubilee Hospital have been tireless in their efforts to keep the public informed throughout the coronavirus pandemic day and night.

“Whilst I understand the need for NHS 24 to seek alternative premises due to the welcome expansion of the hospital, I have made clear to senior members of the health board the importance of retaining a site in Clydebank to accommodate their workers based in West Dunbartonshire.

“The initial proposals to fully relocate all NHS 24 staff outside of West Dunbartonshire were completely unacceptable, given the adverse impact it would have on my constituents employed there and the wider community.

“It’s to be welcomed then that the board have listened to our concerns and I’m grateful to Scotland’s health secretary for their role in safeguarding the continuation of employment here in Clydebank for NHS 24 staff living in West Dunbartonshire.”

He continued: “Discussions are ongoing between NHS 24 and West Dunbartonshire Council on securing Aurora House in Queens Quay as the new home for Clydebank’s NHS 24 workers when they vacate their existing Golden Jubilee premises later this year.

“I’ll be monitoring the situation very closely and will continue speaking up on behalf of my constituents to ensure their employment here in West Dunbartonshire is secure.”

When the move to Hillington was first suggested last year, workers expressed their anger and warned many would be forced to leave their jobs.

One told the Post: “Staff do not all drive, and many depend on public transport. There are no buses to Hillington Industrial Estate. The nearest train station is at least a 15 minutes walk away, very often in darkness.

“Who in their right mind would walk through a dark, deserted industrial centre to start work at 11pm, or leave work at 2.30am?”

John Gebbie, NHS 24 finance director and chair of NHS 24’s estates programme board, said: “All staff that are currently based within our Clyde contact centre at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital will be offered the opportunity to work from our new Clydebank centre when it’s operational later this year.

“We continue to work with West Dunbartonshire Council on securing new premises within the local area, and we remain on track to have this in place before the end of October 2021, the date provided to us by the Golden Jubilee National Hospital to fully vacate from our centre.

“We have a comprehensive programme of staff engagement activity in place that ensures all staff are fully involved and informed as we progress with our relocation into our new Clyde centre.”

A council spokeswoman said: “We are continuing to work closely with the NHS on plans to expand the Golden Jubilee Hospital, creating additional jobs, and discussions are ongoing in relation to suitable alternative premises in the area.”