ASDA have put forward plans to boost their home shopping services in Clydebank.

The supermarket giant has proposed a canopied area at the front of the store for click and collect groceries, as well as expanding their layout at the back for delivery.

Some existing disabled parking spaces in front of the store would be moved to make room for the new canopy.

A new frozen coldroom and chilled coldroom will be added within the service yard at the back of the store to aid home shopping.

In documents submitted to West Dunbartonshire Council’s planners, the firm acting for Asda stated: “Asda is seeking to improve the click and collect facilities at this store to respond to the recent rise in the requirements for this type of shopping.”

A separate document from the supermarket said: “Like most retailers, we have seen a heightened demand for products in our stores.

“To ensure our stores are able to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak as best they can, we are continuing to work closely with our suppliers and take every step possible to ensure our products are delivered and on shelves at the earliest opportunity.”

Asda said their home delivery capacity expanded from 450,000 customers a week to 700,000 nationally early in the pandemic.

Click and collect business quadrupled across the UK last year, with the firm saying they needed to expand their drive-thru operations.

The firm said they were making changes to storage space for home delivery orders and click and collect services across their hundreds of stores.

A spokesperson for Asda told the Post the company would not explain the plans further to residents until they are approved or rejected by the council.