One of Clydebank’s brightest young fund-raisers has begun her first campaign of 2021.

Kayla McCulloch has been a determined and hard-working campaigner in support of the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation over the past three years.

Kayla, who suffers from a medical condition in which her immune system attacks her liver, is holding an online raffle for the charity’s Big Yellow Friday initiative as her first fund-raiser of 2021, despite being stuck in lockdown.

The raffle has 10 prizes, with three being announced every couple of weeks in the run up to the closing date.

At the moment, the prizes include a huge soft teddy bear, a drinks hamper and a bottle of whisky, with more to be announced this Friday.

Kayla’s proud mum Elaine told the Post: “We were trying to think of something we could do this year with the circumstances.

“We bounced around ideas of activities that you can do whilst being at home.

“We came up with the raffle because it is fun and keeps everyone at home. We have been overwhelmed with the responses to the idea.

“We know times are very hard for everybody, so we don’t want to advertise it a lot.

“It has been popular so far. Kayla has been determine to remain positive as she really wants to reach her target.”

Since Kayla was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis overlapping with sclerosing chloangitis, where the immune system attacks her liver, she has organised several events to raise funds.

The 12-year-old, who started high school this year, has raised £7,000 towards her £10,000 lifetime target.

The winners will be selected through a random name generator and announced via Facebook Live on Friday, March 5.

If you’d like to take part in the raffle, three tickets will cost you just £1.

Elaine added: “We have tried our best to do what we can because there isn’t as much going on.

“It has been difficult for Kayla, especially during this pandemic, because she wants to help as much as possible.

“She is still focused on raising money so that she can give back to the charities that have helped her and help to benefit other children.

“We have been so thankful to everyone who has supported Kayla on her journey so far.

“It would be a great help if anyone was willing to purchase a ticket.”

Over the Christmas period Kayla and her family sold Christmas baubles to families to help raise money towards her target.

All prizes must be collected from Clydebank or can be delivered locally with social distancing guidelines in place.

For raffle tickets or more information about the fund-raiser, contact Elaine at or phone 07908 611634.