Let's transport you back in time to the best era for Scottish food and drink TV adverts.... which is you may ask? None other than the 1990s! 

What a time to be alive.. This was way before phones, the Internet and even the coronavirus pandemic - as some would probably like to say a much simpler time.

1. Irn Bru

First up, we had to start the list with the nostalgic cheesy Irn Bru ad that had everyone dancing to the catchy pop-punk music. 

The 'Made in Scotland from Girders' Irn Bru advert had all the American cliches of vintage cars, football players and a wee bonny majorette whilst suggesting that drinking Irn Bru can make you as strong as metal.

Do we even need to mention that cheeky kiss? 

2. Scott’s Porage Oats

There is no better way than starting a Scottish advert with a quick blast of folk music.

Next we have the Scott's Porage Oats advert that took the true 90s style of advertising by using muscly gorgeous heartthrobs. This advert was used to convince men that eating the porridge would make women go weak at the knees the moment they saw you.

Funnily enough, this Scott's Porage Oats ad was the big break for actor Rory McCann, who went on to feature in the smash hit Game of Thrones as foul-mouthed Sandor Clegane. He smashed the flirtatious Highland Scotman's look in a mere 20 seconds. 

Off to the shops for some porridge we go!

3. Baxter's soups 

Moving on, we had to include good ol' Ena into the list for her tin of soup handmade in her tiny cupboard kitchen.

Baxters was the “taste of Speyside”, but for decades it came from a more specific place: Ena Baxter’s kitchen. This advert for perfect for a wintry day as the chopping of the vegetables, stirring the pot and garnish the soup gave millions of viewers over the past decade a cosy kitchen vibe.

Sadly Ena Baxter died in January 2015 aged 90, but her soups will live on for a lifetime.

4. Knorrs Stock Cubes 

And how can we forget the man who didn't know that his wife uses a stock cube to make their tea?

The advert is set in the beauty of the Scottish Highlands with typical Scotsman Hamish discussing his dinner plans with his wee pal, all the while being blissfully unaware what "going to Inverness for a hen night" actually meant.

The classic one-liner that no Scottish person who grew up in the 90s can forget: “All that way, just to pick up a chicken?”. 

5.  Lipton Tea 

We thought we could throw in a cheeky ad from the 1980s to end the list. 

This advert was a classic to include all the Scottish stereotypes from tartan hats to red-haired actors dressed in questionable fashion costumes.

The best part of this Lipton Tea advert without a doubt is the way the actors are dunking their teabags in unison to the cheesy 'shiggle it' song.