WEST Dunbartonshire Council has updated the list of grit bins placed around the area for residents to use.

Large capacity community grit bins are placed at strategic areas, with the council encouraging self help at locations where minor roads and lesser important routes have a lower priority response for mechanical gritters.

There are also more than a hundred smaller 'standard grit bins' located on pavements across the area.

Below you can find a list of where to find the large capacity grit bins around Clydebank:

1. On the pavement at the entrance to the Swindon Street car park in Dalmuir, next to Dalmuir railway station

2. On the grass beside the bus terminus at the east end of Faifley Road

3. Beside the car park on Kilbowie Road, just south of the Kilbowie roundabout

Clydebank residents can also obtain a quantity of rock salt up to 10kg for private use at Stanford Street, Clydebank,G81 1RF.

For more information - including a map with all the locations of the large and standard size grit bins - visit west-dunbarton.gov.uk/roads-parking-travel/gritting-and-grit-bins/grit-bin-locations/.