A CLYDEBANK fitness fanatic is making sure locals can stay healthy both mentally and physically throughout the harshest form of lockdown West Dunbartonshire has seen since Spring.

Chris McGugan of Warrior Fitness in Clydebank has been hosting an exercise event for all on the grounds of John Brown’s Park in Whitecrook, where Bankies hungry for exercise now that the gyms have closed due to coronavirus measures can head along and keep fit.

Under socially distanced conditions, mats are rolled out on the damp ground and Chris leads everyone every weekday morning for 45 minutes.

He told the Post: “Before lockdown a lot of people were worried about the gym's closing so thought it be a good idea to run a class for free to help stay active and also to help people with mental health issues.

“It's great see people getting out and keeping themselves active.”

Chris is the mastermind behind Fitness Fanatics, where he teaches locals how to box, about different aspects of a good diet and improves the overall strength in his clients, and he admits he is excited about what his new outdoor class has to offer.

“You deal with all sorts of people,” he continued, “to deal with different mental health aspects, the gym is a good thing in that regard. But outside we can still mix, we’re all following the guidelines, and everybody loves it.

“It’s a wee place where they can go for 45 minutes and forget about their troubles and stay active get healthier and have a wee bit of banter.

“It’s growing every day and because I can only take a certain amount, I might actually add on more classes. First of all, I was only going to take 16 but we’re allowed to take up to 30 and today there were 28, so it just kind of keeps on growing and growing, folk are booked up for next week.

“Quite a lot of the members were disheartened at the gyms shutting, a lot of were devastated with it and the gym is their happy place so now we’ve got this.”

Classes run Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm throughout the current stage of lockdown. To book a place visit Fitness Fanatics on Facebook for more information.