BIN collections in Clydebank could be cut to every three weeks in a bid to change the way people deal with their household waste.

A new waste strategy for the whole of West Dunbartonshire is expected to be put before councillors next year – and could result in a radical change to current schedules in a bid to promote recycling.

A report on the issue was brought before members of West Dunbartonshire Council’s infrastructure, regeneration and economic development committee last week – and revealed that while more waste is being recycled in the area each year, the amount recycled is well short of the target.

Labour councillor Martin Rooney asked: “On the percentage of total household waste which is recycled, the target is 55 per cent and the actual amount of waste recycled is 43.4 per cent.

“I appreciate that we are on a steady increase, but the targets are getting higher and we’ve got to do more to help.

“There are also plans to change from a two-weekly collection of residual waste to three weekly collection. It suggests this will be carried out in 2021. Can you update us on where you intend to start the change and when?”

Cllr Rooney was informed that the local authority was looking into what a waste strategy might look like. A plan should be brought before committee early next year for consideration.

Gail MacFarlane, strategic lead of roads and neighbourhood, said: “The waste strategy will look at how we do our collection.

“In relation to our recycling we’ve actually seen we have had a little bit of a dip throughout the pandemic. People have had more waste and are putting it in their one bin without separating it out the same way.

“We have also seen that that we have had a high level of contamination. When our recycling waste gets taken away by the contractor they are reporting this back to us. We are developing this communication strategy and will going out before Christmas.

“We will look at different opportunities at targeting this behaviour and increase compliance. There is room for enforcement action if behaviour doesn’t change. It’s not a route we want to go down, but it is an option.”

An update will be brought before a future committee.