A WEST Dunbartonshire teacher says the local council is to blame for her not getting a flu jag this year because of a surge in demand for the vaccine.

The angry school teacher, who the Post has agreed not to identify, said she is “extremely disappointed by the lack of support during a pandemic” from the authority.

She claims that West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) has left staff in the dark, and says she is now struggling to get a vaccine privately.

Anyone eligible for a flu jag can access one through the NHS, though teachers can ask for annual flu vaccinations through their local authority.

But so far, WDC has given a maximum of four vaccinations to each of the area’s primary schools and council-run nurseries, though the authority says it’s trying to source more.

The teacher said: “This job is so important to me, but I feel so let down

“I work every hour possible to give the children the best education and this is how we get repaid.

“We were notified that each school was to receive four vaccines for the whole staff, regardless of how big the department is. How would that ever be fair?

“We are all fighting the pandemic together and we could all be at risk of the flu.”

Jim Halfpenny, joint secretary of the West Dunbartonshire EIS branch, said the union has raised concerns with the council. He said: “The unsatisfactory distribution method is governed by the council having limited access to the vaccine.

“Staff in primary schools in particular remain extremely angry that each school was given four vaccinations and left to their own devices as to how to allocate this insufficient supply.

“Given that schools are being forced into a unique position during this pandemic we would hope that a solution could be found which gives recognition to the risks our staff are facing.

“While flu vaccinations are being encouraged as a means of reducing demand it is also clear that developing Covid on top of flu heightens the risk of a fatal infection.

“Teachers are being asked to take up an almost unique level of risk in an environment where health and safety measures are insufficient to protect them.”

A WDC spokeswoman said: “The council ordered 600 flu vaccines for education staff in the summer which has more than met demand in previous years.

“This year we have seen a rise in the number of employees requesting the vaccine and we have limited the quantity to 70 vaccines for secondary schools and four for primaries and early learning and childcare centres.”