A FORMER tour guide has created an interactive spy game themed around the Clydebank Blitz in the hopes of educating people about their local history.

The 56-year-old, who was born in Drumchapel, was inspired to create a script based on the tragedy after her mum shared her memories of the Blitz, in which 1,200 people died and more than a thousand were injured over two nights in March 1941.

Caroline admitted that when her mum first shared her recollections of those two devastating nights, she found the stories hard to believe.

She told the Post: “I am only trying to help people engage with their local history.

“I had just moved out to Montrose Street into a beautiful old house that stands across from a set of new blocks tenement style houses, but when I brought my mother out to see the house.

“She came into the front room and looked out of the bay window and said to me, ‘Carol, that is such a strange thing that you ended up living here, because I used to live in the tenements across the road’.

“I thought she was talking utter nonsense as I believed there was never tenement buildings until I looked into what she said years later.”

Caroline’s script creates the fictional story of a spy somewhere in Clydebank feeding information to the German bombers – an MI5 Agent is sent up from London to help find out who the spy is and what the next target will be.

Caroline’s game was shown to postgraduate students at the University of Glasgow last month.

She said: “I am hoping people will find it fun and something different to do during this time, and that the people of Clydebank get the Glasgow banter that they would encounter in the area.

“There is a back story to it though that people need to concentrate on and hopefully people will learn from the experience.

“The Clydebank Blitz is such an important event that happened in history, and if it helps younger people understand it whilst having fun then I have achieved something.”

People who sign up to take part in the online game will be sent a personalised link to view and engage with the mystery spy drama.

The link will allow one connection to the event from one device, but people can take part as an individual or as a group watching together.

The participant at each event with the correct answers and best evidence will win a £15 Amazon voucher.

Tickets are £10.50 per person, and the next event will be held this Saturday, November 21.

Visit eventbrite.co.uk/e/espionage-tickets-128330767781 for tickets.