Written by Andrew Ward

Housing bosses have said they are preparing for future support of their tenants if lockdown restrictions are tightened again.

Clydebank Housing Association (CHA) said they had already helped those most in need during the months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tenants from ethnic and minority backgrounds struggling to put food on the table got assistance thanks to £52,900 from the Scottish Government Wellbeing Fund. That covered food parcels, ready meals and packed lunches for black and ethnic minority residents, as well on-line activity tutorials for children over a 15-week period.

In that time, more than 11,375 cooked ready meals, 2,146 food parcels, 2,400 packed lunches and £1,800 worth of food was distributed to those most vulnerable within the community.

The fund also provided £1,200 worth of Farmfood vouchers which allowed families to purchase essential supplies. £18,000 of funding was also distributed to Strathclyde Autistic Society which provided 20 families with one-to-one support and respite.

Sharon Keenan, chief executive at CHA, spoke of her delight at the response. She said: “We have been so overwhelmed by the response we have had to our Wellbeing project and delighted that so many tenants and members of the community have benefited throughout the pandemic and during full lockdown.

“There have been and still are difficult times for all and although our project has ended, CHA will continue to offer assistance and guidance to its residents and signpost to services whenever we can.

“We could never have achieved any of it without the support and assistance from our many volunteers and partners (Cafe81 and Centre81 Steering Group) and we thank them all so much for their unwavering and selfless commitment to the project and to the community.”

As coronavirus cases continue to rise, and lockdown measures in effect across the central belt, CHA have reassured all local residents that they will do everything in their power to support them.

A spokesperson for CHA said: “CHA will continue to offer assistance and guidance to its residentswhenever we can.

“The association is also attempting to identify and secure further funding opportunities to continue to support our tenants and the community through these difficult times and especially in the event of another full lockdown.”

CHA’s Centre81 facility, despite being closed to the public, remained open throughout the lockdown to offer use of their main hall to the Northwest Food Bank.