A DRUMCHAPEL comedian is to star in a new YouTube series.

Bash the Entertainer, who emigrated from the Republic of Congo to the north-west Glasgow scheme as a child, is taking part in Footasylum’s new Locked In programme – a twist on the popular Big Brother show.

Bash and fellow social media stars are trapped inside a house together while members of the audience pick tasks and challenges for them to take on throughout their time inside.

They are completely stripped of their tech devices and have to rely on each other for company.

He said: “The house is great fun, I’ve made some great new friends and I’m enjoying meddling, like waking up people to win a challenge and generally getting up to no good – that makes the day go faster. I’m definitely the cook of the house, I’ve made every meal for them since we arrived.

“I can’t complain because I’m having fun and I make the food the way I like it but I’m pretty sure nobody would eat if I wasn’t here, it would all be cereal and snacks.”

The 27-year-old is used to travelling between Glasgow and London due to his work commitments.

However, being trapped in the house down south has made Bash miss his Scottish home.

He said: “I think my Scottish accent is much broader now, maybe it’s because I miss home.

“I miss Glasgow so much, it’s really home after 20 years there.

“I miss my big brother, he’s my dude and best friend, I miss my two little brothers and I miss my sister. I miss all my family and my girlfriend, all the snuggles, and especially the spooning.”

Bash, whose real name is Bachala Mbunzama, will be in the house for two weeks along with nine other influencers.

So far, he’s already taken on a singing challenge and been forced to eat some questionable food.

Shoe retailer Footasylum, which hosting the show on its YouTube channel, has ensured the safety of cast.

Bash will also feature in a new BBC Scotland documentary - Behind the Smile - which will discuss his mental health battles and using his comedy to address racism.