A series of flytipping incidents on Cohcno Road have left residents and walkers outraged, after bathroom sinks; drawers and rubbish bags were left strewn across the popular walking route.

The incidents come just weeks after the Post reported a dog was injured walking on a similar route in Faifley, due to litter hidden in the grass.

Faifley resident, David Cowan, told the Post of his despair as he continues to litter pick in the area.

He reported an initial incident to West Dunbartonshire Council on October 10, after bedroom furniture and bags of household waste were left on the side of the road.

He said: “I had been out on the same walk on the Saturday, when I returned on the Sunday someone had been and dumped all the rubbish.

“It’s a real eyesore and it’s happening too regularly, if you walk further up towards Craigton you can see a sink dumped down the embankment too.

“It makes no sense, Old Kilpatrick dump is only a drive away, free and they’ve clearly used a van to dump this.”

The drawers and rubbish had been left at a passing area, just beyond Whitecraigs Farm, where two weeks later rubbish was dumped for a second time.

Mr Cowan then chased the council’s Greenspace team, asking for them to uplift the initial rubbish and the waste dumped on October, 18.

The second wave of rubbish consisted of mostly bin bags, when David raised it with neighbours and other walkers on Facebook, they suggested he look for a letter to identity the house it had come from.

He decided not to, due to the germs and potential hazards within the bags, as well as being concerned that this would not necessarily lead to a solution.

Instead, he hopes the response of locals will embarrass the culprit into refraining from illegally dumping their rubbish in future.

West Dunbartonshire Council’s Greenspace department have now uplifted the mess, asking residents to ‘do the right thing’ and dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We are always disappointed to find waste that has been illegally dumped, and our Greenspace team carries out regular inspections to ensure our area is clear from flytipping.

“The rubbish left at this location has now been removed and we apologise for any delay.

“We would encourage all residents and visitors to do the right thing and dispose of waste appropriately, either in their household bins or at one of our recycling centres.”

Those caught flytipping could receive a £200 fixed penalty fine as well as facing a further fine of up to £40,000.