A MAN whose son lost control of his dog has been fined for its attack on two boys.

Sargejs Buikevics, of Greenwood Quadrant, Linnvale, appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week after previously pleading guilty to the German shepherd being dangerously out of control.

The 47-year-old's son, who was translating to Russian in the dock for his father, had been out playing football with friends with the dog tied up to a post.

Fiscal depute Alastair Millar told the court that on August 28, 2019, the two boys were playing football off Onslow Road, Drumry, and were joined by the younger Buikevics. After they finished playing, the dog was untied and the son immediately lost control and it ran towards a 17-year-old boy. He put his arm up to protect his face and the dog bit his arm, causing three puncture wounds.

The other boys got the dog free from the teenager and then the animal chased after one of them, forcing him to jump over a fence to escape.

Mr Millar said the 17-year-old required three stitches. Buikevics told police he was the dog's owner.

Buikevics, who was not represented by a solicitor, said he had had the dog since it was born four years ago.

He said, through his son, there as no reason to be concerned about the dog previously and that the family still had the pet. It is now muzzled when they go out with the dog in public.

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry said: "I'm not going to order that the dog should be put down. I'm not going to order that you should be disqualified from keeping a pet."

"Thank you," said Buikevics.

The sheriff continued: "A German shepherd dog which runs at someone and bites them and then chases a second person is a dog which has to be very carefully watched.

"If there was a second incident of this type, then I would take a different view. The dog might then have to be put down and you might have to be disqualified from keeping pets."

Buikevics was fined £400.