I write to you this week with a number of troubling thoughts during this difficult and challenging time for us all.

With another two weeks of various lockdown restrictions that have been imposed by the Scottish Government, particularly in the central belt, some people will find it really difficult. More so the elderly, vulnerable and those who live alone.

It is important now more than ever that we continue to look out for each other. There is no doubt in that the dangers of this pandemic are still there and not leaving us any time soon. The message is being reiterated on a daily basis by the Scottish Government.

This is why that I find it absolutely astonishing that the SNP minority administration in Glasgow, in the midst of a pandemic, has decided to reduce the city’s green bin collection from two weekly to three weekly.

My belief is that this is all about cuts to jobs and making savings.

The SNP administration with the support of the Green Party has pushed this through with no thought to the workforce or the electorate who voted them in.

This will inevitably lead to an increase in the problems with rats and fly tipping across the city.

Additionally as November 5 approaches, this will be the first time that no official events will run across the country and beyond, opening it up to people having their own unofficial displays and bonfires.

With this in mind I am urging the Scottish Government to put in place an action plan on how the emergency services and frontline council staff will deal with the instances of anti-social behaviour and bonfire building that occurs on the run up to and on Bonfire Night itself.

As readers will be aware, the fireworks have already started to go off in the area, and bonfires have been appearing already since early September and continue as we near Bonfire Night.

Unfortunately, this also comes with an increase in reported incidents of attacks on emergency workers, especially fire crews.

Something must be done before someone gets seriously hurt or even worse.