A FORMER teacher put on his running shoes alongside his son Roger Junior before taking to the Clydebank streets to raise money for the homeless.

Roger Clifford, a former Clydebank High teacher, raised the £315 for Jim Mclaren’s Golden Friendships Charity by running from the Antonine Centre around Duntocher, Drumry and Parkhall – raising £165 from the sponsored jog and donating £150 from his own book sales.

In the summer of 2018 the Bankie stepped out his front door to head to local shops but soon found himself being whisked away to the heights of New York City and travelling across the world visiting sites including Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, before heading to other corners of the planet such as Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

When he finally got home to Clydebank, he penned his book “I Just Went Out for Bread and Milk”.

Roger told the Post: “When I returned to Glasgow, I wanted to contribute towards helping so I decided to write the book. All profits will go towards helping the homeless.

“My son and I ran the 10k and it’s always a good feeling to help other that need that little bit of help. When I travelled the world, every city has homeless people, whether it’s a rich city or a poor city.

“Some people sometimes lose their way in society from various traumas in their lives, they wander the streets, living rough and looking for a little something to eat and a little shelter for a cold night often getting moved on by the police.

“If I can help in providing anything to help them, even warm blanks for the nights ahead, we will have achieved something.

“Let us not forget other who need that little bit of help.”