PLANS to improve support for people in Clydebank who are living with autism or dementia have taken a step forward.

Concerns had been previously been raised by members of West Dunbartonshire’s Health and Social Care Partnership about the length of time it was taking to form strategies on the two subjects.

An update was brought before the partnership’s board last week detailing how the new groups will operate.

Council officer Marie Rooney said: “The dementia strategy implementation group will be meeting within the next two weeks to take forward their plan with their refreshed group membership.

“A steering group has also been set up to establish an autism strategy.

“I am very grateful to the people that have responded to join that group, and I think it is an indication that they are making this a priority.”

Board chairman Allan Macleod thanked Ms Rooney for her update and for the assurance that sufficient developments in this area were being made.

On the progress of the autism strategy, Mr Macleod said: “The reason it is on the agenda is because the board had expressed an interest to ensure that reasonable progress, given the situation that we find ourselves in, is being made on this important piece of work.

“There had been some concern that it had been dragging a wee bit, and we want to make sure that there is regular progress. “This is a priority and we will be looking for further updates.”

Bailie Dennis Agnew added: “This is a long time coming and I understand all the issues that have been in front of us.

“I am glad to see things are moving, because progress has been lacking.”

The two groups will meet every six weeks and regular updates will be provided to the partnership’s board.