CLYDEBANK has been featured on Home Bargains' very own version of Monopoly.

The West Dunbartonshire town was spotted on the board game by Twitter user Nikola.

She said: “Can’t believe Home Bargains have their own monopoly and one of the places on it is Clydebank, out of 500 stores they give us a wee shoutout x”

The town is one of the three yellow properties priced at $280.

One person responded to the tweet saying: “Nae chance Clydebank is a yellow, should be the browns.”

Another added: “It's a wee bit disappointing but not at all surprising that Clydebank is right beside 'Go To Jail'.

A third wrote: “Can’t imagine what’s on the browns if Clydebank is a yellow square.”

A description on Home Bargains website read: "Move over Mayfair, Home Bargains is in town!”

The game believed to be priced at £14.99 is sold out online but has been spotted in stores across the country.