WEST Dunbartonshire councillors are pressing ahead to overturn a government decision to permit the development of almost 100 new homes in Duntocher.

Members were informed at their most recent meeting that legal counsel had been sought by local authority officers to challenge the planning reporter who has granted permission to build on Duntiglennan Fields.

It comes after six years of opposition from the community and the council whose most recent local development plan (LDP), which had been approved at that time, excluded the site from development.

Pamela Clifford, chief planning officer for West Dunbartonshire Council, said: “This week I shared a briefing with members about Duntiglennan Fields to provide an update on the current situation.

“I also updated members regarding the extension of the timescale of the LDP.

“I received written confirmation from the chief planner who has indicated that the timescale has been extended to allow Scottish Government officials to be given more time to consider the evidence of the recent appeal and legal decisions on our LDP.

“The chief planner said that he hoped this would be completed by October 22. I can now advise members we have now appointed a legal counsel.

“We are hoping to submit our questions and information to our legal counsel this week as members will be aware that time is critical with this appeal.”

Labour councillor Lawrence O’Neil previously asked the council to seek legal advice to potentially appeal the Scottish Government decision.

He said: “I very much thank the council staff and in particular Pamela and her team for doing this.

“It is appreciated by many of our constituents both within the Kilpatrick ward ands across West Dunbartonshire. We need to do this for them, and it is good to see there are available finances if we get the go-ahead to challenge this ridiculous decision.”